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August 23, 2014 by New Mexico GRADS

From Young Women United

A big thank you to everyone joining us for the #RespectYoungFams twitter chat! We have a really great group of organizations and individuals on board.

Some Important Information for Monday’s chat: 
Primary Hashtag: #RespectYoungFams
Date: Monday 8/25 (Official New Mexico Day in Recognition of Young Parents)
Time: 1pm MDT/3pm EDT/ 12pm PDT
Who is invited: Anyone! But we have been focused on organizations that support and/or organize with young parents. We want as many young parents as possible to participate. None of our young parents in rural NM use twitter so we will be working with them in advance to document what they would like to share during the chat.
Images: We would love this to be a multimedia chat–we are commissioning as special media piece around all the knowledge young parents pass to their children. We will be unveiling that image and sharing some of our others. We absolutely encourage everyone to share their media!
1) Natasha Vianna one of the young mama organizers of #NoTeenShame and of the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy has agreed to be our moderator.
THANK YOU to Natasha for agreeing to moderate. Natasha’s twitter handle is @NatashaVianna
Natasha developed a great first draft of chat questions, which we used to develop the final questions. Mary Louise, a NM mom from #NoTeenShame, has also been working with us to develop the chat. Thank you both! 
2) We know that many of you organize with young parents that may or may not use twitter. To encourage the participation of young parents that do not use twitter, we have attached the chat questions so that they may be shared with parents in advance. 
3) YWU is very excited to announce that we will be live tweeting from Roswell, NM where we have been working with a group of young moms to pass educational policy at the school board level. We will be tweeting from the Roswell NM Day in Recognition of Young Parents event and the Superintendent of School and Board President will be joining us! 
4) The format of the chat: 
Natasha will tweet a question with a number and people will respond with the answer and the number of the question.
Q1 How are you/young parents building a bright future for your/their families and communities? #RespectYoungFams @YwuWomen
A1: I am a young mama and every night I read to my kids before they go to bed #RespectYoungFams
Please remember to us the primary hashtag #RespectYoungFams in every tweet.
5) Please remember to promote the chat throughout the weekend and Monday morning . We have included some additional promotional tweets at the end of this email. 
Feel free to call, text, email me with any questions/comments before Monday. My cell is 575-202-7571
Additional Promotional Tweets: 
So excited to have a twitter chat w/ young parents & advocates Monday 8/25 1pm MDT/pmEDT. Will you join us? #RespectYoungFams @YwuWomen
Young Parents=Real parents. Join the #RespectYoungFams twitter chat 8/25 1pm MDT/3pm EST/12 PDT @YwuWomen
Shout out to young mamas, papas and parents! Keep strong and resilient. YP Twitter chat Aug 25th 1pmMDT/3EDT #RespectYoungFams @YwuWomen
You better recognize! August 25th #NM Day in Recognition of Young Parents! Twitter chat 8/25 1pmMDT/3pmEDT #RespectYoungFams @YwuWomen
#Birthjustice is crucial for all families, including young parents. #RespectYoungFams today and everyday. Tweet chat 8/25 1MT/3ET @YwuWomen

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